In Argentina, “alpargatas” are the everyday, casual shoes seen on the street, similar to espadrilles. For TOMS, they are the jump-off point for a giving project: The One for One program, wherein for every TOMS purchase—be it footwear, eyewear, or bags—a person in need of shoes, sight, or water gets helped. TOMS stylish footwear include the alpargata-inspired Classics, as well as wedges, sandals, and booties for women; and sneakers, dress shoes, even boots, for men. This ethically conscious brand also gives vegan and sustainable options, using materials like natural hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester. Meanwhile, TOMS eyewear, with its signature white stripe, echoes the same humanitarian and trendy approach; and TOMS bags, from clutches to totes to backpacks, also highlight the merging of fashion, functionality, and compassionate trade.


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