Luxury scented candles and home fragrances by legendary French perfumer, Diptyque, are made from a slow, painstaking process to find the perfect balance needed for noble, rare, and precious scents. Each candle is made of 8 to 9 mineral first-class waxes, expertly assessed and handled, and infused with scents blended to reach the right melting temperature.  This careful choice of raw materials echo throughout the home fragrance line—from the diffusers to the room sprays—features a unique and ever evolving palette of scents and olfactory experiences. Craftsmanship from fragrance to vessel is paramount, demonstrating charm and art of handmade elegance.



When Diptyque describes a personal fragrance, the results are somewhat lyrical: “the scent of a green riverside garden;” “a stroll through an English garden;” “will whisper a thousand stories;” “the memory of long walks through the spice markets of Damascus;” These words reveal how each fragrance is developed as a recollection of a specific place, a memory from childhood, or a wistful recollection of a past (or, perhaps, imagined) adventure. These fragrances—which range from eaux de parfum, to eaux de toilette, to solid perfume and roll-on perfume, among others—boast of the finest materials that poetically reinvent the experience of promenading through nature or the reminiscence of a journey, all packaged in elegant vessels that are delightful to use as well as display.


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